Beautiful fixed teeth with a 60% saving

  • Fixed teeth on implants (more natural support, like real teeth)
  • Completely without pain and fear in sedation
  • Highest level of experience in same-day implantation
  • Complete service from planning the trip to the aftercare

Global leader in digitally-navigated same-day implantation and cosmetic dentistry

Swiss Dentaprime represents the highest level of expertise in dental implantation and the production of bio-ceramic crowns and bridges. With the implant centres in Varna and London, the brand Swiss Dentaprime enjoys the highest prestige worldwide, among both patients and in professional circles.

Your advantages as a patient

You benefit from the following advantages in the Dentaprime dental clinic:

  • A fixed dental restoration right on the day of implantation
  • The perfect appearance of your new teeth
  • The highest precision and treatment guarantee
  • Minimally invasive treatment in sedation
  • Save over 60%

Our mission: Implant-based teeth replacement for all patients

As a Swiss clinic operator, Swiss Dentaprime represents precision, reliability and quality. Moreover, above all a revolution in the treatment of implant patients. Where until now, perfect implantological treatment was associated with high costs, Dentaprime is able to reduce costs by over 60% using a state-of-the-art, fully digitalised workflow. This allows dental implantation of a fully edentulous jaw to be performed as general care, rather than as an exceptional case. Dentaprime makes beautiful fixed teeth affordable for every patient – to begin with in Varna and London, and soon throughout the whole of Europe.

Dentaprime 4.0 – Technological advance for highest precision and perfect results

The Dentaprime methodology differs from that traditionally offered through its systematic digitalisation and specialisation in implant-based crowns and bridges made of bio-ceramic. All the work steps take place under one roof – from oral surgery to dental technology. As a patient, you experience a time-optimised treatment lasting between one day and one week – instead of numerous appointments stretching over weeks and months. This high degree of efficiency leads to a saving of over 60% of the cost. You’ll find it is worth it!

More about the technical equipment

  • Digital impression instead of the unpleasant impression tray (no gag-feeling anymore)
  • Digital jaw registration and facial scanner (these ensure perfect, personal results)
  • Digital volume tomography and computer-aided implant planning for a safe and absolutely precise implantation.
  • 3D-printer and ceramic-milling robot produce the prosthesis much more precisely and faster than those produced by hand. You benefit from the perfect fit, appearance and low prices.
  • Navigated implantology: The implantologist can always see where his drill is and whether it coincides with the surgical plan. The position determination is precise to 0.3mm; the axial angle is determined to approx. 1 degree – this level of precision is impossible manually. A warning and traffic-light system prevents surgical complications.

Lowest prices

Through the rigorous application of digital technologies, you save over 60% compared with traditional providers. With considerably better results. You can also pay in low, monthly instalments. Discover how much you could actually save: To the price list


You can find implant centres working according to the Dentaprime 4.0 methodology in London and Varna. Additional centres throughout the whole of Europe are in the planning phase.