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  • Permanent implants with natural hold
  • Appearance, look and feel of real teeth
  • Payment in low monthly installments
  • Complete treatment within one day
  • Lowest prices in Europe
  • Easy access clinic based in London
  • No need to travel abroad for treatment

Say HELLO to strong teeth and goodbye to wobbly dentures...

High-tech dental implants

At prices everyone can afford!

Teeth in a day at Dentaprime

State-of-the-art dentistry

Dentaprime’s computer navigated implant treatment and top quality materials „Made in Germany“ ensure perfect results.

Lifetime guarantee

Dentaprime offers a lifetime guarantee on all implant materials and a 5 year guarantee on tooth replacement.

Expert dental team

Dentaprime employs only specialist implantologists and lab technicians. All our specialists receive ongoing training and our internal monitoring is second to none.

Swiss quality in London

Dentaprime is Swiss operated and has been treating patients since 2005.

You can save up to 60% on tooth replacement and dental implants