Prices & financing

Our prices are very competitive, in fact they are the lowest anywhere in Europe. Dentaprime’s prices offer savings of 60% compared to usual fees for private dentistry in the UK. 

See for yourself how low our prices are at the Dentaprime Terminal in Stratford, London:

Fixed teeth in a day

£ 6,490
  • Full treatment within a single day
  • Upper and lower jaws
  • 10 implants + pmma bridges
  • Or £97 monthly instead of lump sum*

Six dental implants

£ 3,680
  • Navigated implantation
  • „Made in Germany“ by Brendent Medical Group
  • Or £75 monthly instead of lump sum*
  • Full-ceramic crowns on implants £1.390

Complete crowning

£ 4,990
  • 2 full-ceramic bridges
  • 8 full-ceramic crowns
  • 2 root canal treatments
  • Or £75 monthly instead of lump sum*

Smile makeover

£ 2,490
  • Full-ceramic
  • 6 veneers + teeth whitening
  • Perfect aesthetics
  • Or £37 monthly instead of lump sum*

Perhaps you are asking yourself:
“How can Dentaprime offer perfect results in London at a fraction of the usual cost?“

The two very convincing reasons are:

  1. Dentaprime is specialised in multiple tooth replacement rather than the full range of services typically offered by many dentists. Over the last ten years Dentaprime has developed and optimised a seamless and highly efficient workflow for tooth replacement at its main clinic in Varna, Bulgaria. Our patients in London will benefit from all this knowledge and experience.
  2. Dentaprime utilises proven state-of-the-art technology for both planning and conducting all stages of your treatment. For example replacement teeth are produced same day onsite using 3D printing and CAD/CAM systems, and the implant procedure itself is a fully integrated part of the whole process.

Dentaprime’s technology is precise, safe, and minimally invasive, which makes the treatment much more convenient and comfortable for you.

Dentaprime offers lowest prices in Europe for dental implants

Paying for your treatment

If you wish you may pay for your treatment in a lump sum. Alternatively you may prefer to use our convenient payment plan with low monthly installments. You will receive all the information about our payment options and the details of your chosen treatment during your consultation at Dentaprime’s London clinic.

Our competent and friendly implant advisory team is happy to answer any questions regarding prices and financing your treatment. You can find our contact details here.

* Examples for monthly installments run for a total of 96 months with an upfront payment of 20%.