Your advantages


Take advantage of the benefits of a Dentaprime tooth implant for yourself:

  • Experience and competence:
    Our specialists have carried out thousands of implants since we opened in 2006. Take advantage of their ability yourself.

  • Precision and safety:
    Using 3D volume tomography and computer aided implant planning, Dentaprime Dental Clinic can create an exact simulation of your implant. And with accuracy to within a tenth of a milimetre. This means we can guarantee a secure, successful implant even where there is limited bone availability.

  • Implants even where there is a limited amount of jaw bone:
    The oral surgeons at Dentaprime Dental Clinic can draw on an enormous wealth of experience – particularly when it comes to redevelopment of jaw bones. Even where the anatomy of the jaw bone is very unfavourable, they are able to carry out dental implants using sinus lift, bone block transplants and other methods of bone regeneration.

  • Healing and durability of your dental implants::
    Thanks to our very conservative approach, we have a very high success rate when it comes to healing. Since the Dentaprime Dental Clinic was opened, we have a success rate of 99.2% in non-risk patients. If the dental implants grow into the jaw bone, then they can last a whole lifetime.

  • Solid teeth immediately:
    The team at the Dentaprime Dental Clinic specialises in implant treatment with firmly positioned bridges (screwed to implants). This”SKY Fast & Fixed” technique facilitates a firmly-positioned, implant-borne dentures instead of removable forms of treatment.

  • Zirconium implants:
    Particularly in the front of the mouth, patients often prefer the most aesthetically pleasing solutions – with white zirconium implants from AXIS biodental, we can now offer larger crown and bridge solutions as well as solutions for single teeth and interdental gaps.

  • Implant-borne, fully ceramic tooth replacement:
    Bulgaria’s best dental technicians work at Dentaprime. Under the leadership of Master Dental Technician Peter Meier they produce the crowns and bridges in the clinic’s in-house master laboratory. On request, we can use full ceramic to make your replacement tooth – individually adapted to the last detail, of course. No comparison with replacement teeth from the far east!

  • Fixed or removable: Individual solution with toothless jaws
    Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium or zirconium oxide. The replacement tooth – individual crowns or complete bridges – is applied permanently or the removable denture attached.

  • Implants under general anaesthetic:
    If you wish, we can carry out your treatment under a gentle sedative general anaesthetic.

  • Your health insurance:
    You will receive a proposal form us and an invoice in accordance with German accounting practice. This makes it easy for you to apply for payments and reimbursements.

  • TÜV certified quality management:
    The quality management system at Dentaprime Dental Clinic has been approved by TÜV north. This is inspected in annual audits.

  • Aftercare in your area:
    Once you’re back home, we recommend you have your implant construction checked and cleaned regularly. Our network of partner dentists are available to help you with this.

  • We make it quite simple for you: We agree your treatment with your health insurance company and your regular dentist, arrange your aftercare appointments with a Dentaprime partner dentist, handle your journey planning etc, etc, etc.

  • Your digital medical record:
    You will receive a DVD from us with images of your computer tomography and x-rays. Along with your doctor’s note and implant pass, this means you will have all the documents for your treatment.

  • First class service in a private clinic:
    Chauffeur service, 24 hour availability, lovely atmosphere, little things like internet access, free drinks, the latest magazines, disposable tooth brushes and much more make your stay with us an experience which you will enjoy looking back on.

  • Considerable cost savings:
    You will save up to 60% compared with treatment in Western Europe.