Varna boasts an impressive cultural heritage – museums, a historic opera house, theatres and one of the most important cathedrals in Bulgaria. Experience the historic beauty of Varna:

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Varna is one of the oldest museums in Bulgaria. It was founded in 1901 by the Archaeological Society of Varna and its first exhibition opened in 1906.
Part of the building houses the museum’s permanent collection which traces various periods in Varna’s history through a series of fascinating artefacts. Probably the most famous exhibit is the Thracian gold.


Complementing the permanent collection is a changing programme of temporary exhibitions focusing on individual aspects of the city’s history.

Opera Varna

Definitely worth a visit is the historic Varna Opera House which first opened its doors in 1947. Since then its repertoire has consisted of well-known works – classical operas and operettas, as well as ballet performances and musicals. Lavish stage sets and impressive costumes captivate audiences, transporting them to another world for the evening. A selection of photos on the opera-house’s website gives a glimpse of some of the spectacular events that have been staged here. Cheap admission prices are an added bonus.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin


Varna’s most important landmark is the cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin (Cathedral of St Theotokos) which rises majestically above the noise and bustle of the city and is without doubt its most dominant feature. The foundation stone of this magnificent building was laid in 1880 and the first service was given in August 1886.
The church’s exterior is particularly impressive. The vast arched entrance is flanked by wings on either side, each decorated with a cross carved in stone. Equally impressive are the six golden domes, one of which crowns the bell tower.
The cathedral’s interior is lavishly decorated and the walls covered with exquisite iconic paintings. Clever use of large windows means that visitors can appreciate the interplay of light and dark in this splendid historic building – a must on any itinerary.