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Dentaprime Research Prize Dentistry 2018

„In order to support and encourage young scientists at universities, we have created the Dentaprime Research Prize“, explains Dr. Dr. Regina Schindjalova, scientific director of the Dentaprime Dental Clinic in Varna, Bulgaria.

For this reason, the Dentaprime Research Prize Dentistry 2018 was awarded again on Saturday, 24.03.2018.

Dr. med. dent. Kristian Kniha from Aachen happily accepted the award endowed with 3,000 Euro at the Black Sea coast: „It is a great honour for me to stand here“.

Dr. Kniha and his team at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Polyclinic of the University Hospital of the RWTH Aachen University were concerned with the research field of dental implantology and were honoured for their special work.

The work entitled: „Influence of horizontal dimensions around single gap and adjacent zirconia implants on the papilla – A cross-sectional survey“ deals with the evaluation of novel ceramic implants with respect to their aesthetic zone.

The restoration of edentulous jaws with titanium implants can have negative effects regarding an esthetic-natural restoration. For this reason, the research team concentrates on implants made of zirconium dioxide, which, due to their colouring, shine through the mucous membrane much less.

The paper was published in 2017 in the European Journal of Implantology. The aesthetic zone examined in the paper refers in particular to the distance between the implants and the resulting papillary deficit. Dr. Kniha and his team succeeded in developing a new measuring method that precisely measures this deficit: „This had not been possible until now,“ explains Dr. Kniha.

Such discoveries and developments repeatedly show how important the field of research is. The Dentaprime clinic is well aware of this. For this reason, the goal of the Dentaprime research prize for dental medicine is to motivate and strengthen young researchers, graduates and graduate students. „The scientific work of dentists in university clinics, like any research activity, requires years of patience and effort,“ emphasizes Dr. Regina Schindjalova.

We cordially thank this year’s winner!